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Services on phase 2a from the West Midlands to Crewe are expected to begin in 2027.Phase 2b from Crewe to Manchester, and Birmingham to the East Midlands and Leeds, is due to open in 2033.Delivered in 1914 these railcars were powered by a 6LV26 four stroke air blast 'V' engine of 200hp @ 440rpm.

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The former Labour leader was joined by Conservative and Labour MPs in raising points of order in the Commons to voice their displeasure with Mr Grayling.

Labour's Rotherham MP Sarah Champion said she was "furious" because South Yorkshire "won't get a proper stop".

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling's decision on the route from Crewe to Manchester and Birmingham to the East Midlands and Leeds confirms six of the seven changes included in the November consultation.

For the moment Sulzer focused on a line of smaller diesel engines suitable for railcar and small locomotive use.

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The first of these were applied to five railcars for the Prussia and Saxony Railways, orders perhaps influenced by Adolf Klose's connection with the Prussian State Railways.High-speed trains are expected to begin operating between London and Birmingham in 2026.

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